Monday, November 18, 2013

Russian Parents NJ Weekly Digest - September 1, 2013

Yersterday's News
This Week in History*

Sep 01, 1985          Wreck of the Titanic found
Sep 02, 1969          First ATM opens for business
Sep 03, 1783          Treaty of Paris signed
Sep 04, 1886          Geronimo surrenders
Sep 05, 1972          Arab terrorists take Israeli hostages at the Olympics
Sep 06, 1915          First tank produced
Sep 07, 1813          United States nicknamed Uncle Sam


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Parents Tip of the Week

Tip of the Day When your child wants to show you something,  stop what you are doing and pay attention to your child.  It is important to spend frequent, small amounts of time with your child doing things that you both enjoy.

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  • Renaissance Faire - August 3rd – September 22nd, Tuxedo Park, NY
  • Музыкально-развлекательный Фестиваль «Бабье Лето» - Sep. 20-22, 2013, Poconos, PA 
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